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       Master of Music Degree, Manhattan School of Music

       Chamber Music Award from L'Ecole Normale de Musique, Paris, France

       Former Principal Flutist of the New Jersey Pops Orchestra, 16 years

       Active performer - recitals, concerts, events, weddings, recordings, etc.


Call: Sharon Levin at (917) 968-7009

25 years plus experience


Past Teaching Positions:

Stamford Young Artists Philharmonic Flute Choir Program, Stamford, CT

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Kean University, Union, NJ

Newark Academy High School & Middle School, Livingston, NJ

The Hudson School High School & Middle School, Hoboken

Stevens Co-op, Hoboken, NJ

Now available to teach in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area.



     My name is Erica Erlanger and I am a junior at Union College, located in Schenectady, New York. I have played the flute for over ten years, beginning in the 5th grade as a student of Sharon Levin at the Hudson School, in Hoboken, New Jersey. I received both group and private lessons from Sharon for a period of eight years, so my experience with her as a flute teacher is extensive.
     Sharon possesses many qualities which make her a good flute teacher for people of any age. She taught me how to hold and breathe life into a flute at the age of ten. Considering the mental and physical maturity of a ten year-old, I would say that is impressive. I remember very well the moment when I decided that I wanted to play flute. The fifth graders were attending what I would refer to as a �music orientation�. Sharon stood on the stage and proceeded to play a South American piece called �Tico Tico� with such gusto and beauty that I knew I wanted to �do that too�.
     I learned the essential techniques of flute playing over my eight years in the Hudson School, combined with fun and challenging pieces I would perform in the annual school concerts. Flute lessons were fun, something I looked forward to every week. With Sharon�s help, I was able to perform not only in school functions, but at a college performance with a former student at Kean College, at a music festival at Six Flags Great Adventure and even at Sharon�s wedding. Sharon taught me how to perform in a flute quartet, with piano accompaniment, as accompaniment to the school choir, as a soloist, and as a member of the orchestra in the school production of Les Miserables. I currently play flute in my college orchestra.
     I have had experience with one other flute teacher as a college student and I can state that, although her teaching skills may have been at the same level as Sharon, she lacked the enthusiasm and the people skills that make Sharon the great teacher she is. Sharon is not only an instructor and a guide, but a person who you can speak to. Although I no longer receive lessons from Sharon, I will still call her every once in a while for advice on which trill to use for the current piece I am practicing in orchestra.


     It has been my pleasure to know Sharon Levin for approximately 3 years; however, it has been my daughter’s privilege to study flute with Sharon for the same amount of time.  My daughter Lizzie began studying flute with Sharon in fifth grade at Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken, New Jersey.  She had never studied flute before and found Sharon to be very patient and helpful as she began the process of achieving comfort with the instrument.  After 10 months of study in school, my daughter took private lessons with her during the summer between 5th and 6th grades.  For 6th grade, Lizzie switched schools and began her studies at The Hudson School also in Hoboken.  Sharon not only taught flute at The Hudson School but was also Musical Director.  Lizzie thrived under Sharon’s tutelage and was able to perform not only at the two recitals per year, held at the school, but also at the winter and spring concerts, all of which were organized by Sharon Levin.  In the summer between 6th and 7th grades, my daughter once again took private lessons with Sharon which we decided to keep going during the following school year.
     As a parent I have found Sharon to be extremely patient, kind, understanding and professional.  She has always been able to work with my daughter, teaching her and giving her homework, yet also understanding of a child’s life and its various ups and downs.  Even though my daughter thought that Sharon was a “tough teacher” at times, she was always able to communicate with her and found Sharon to be very reasonable.  Lizzie became a good flutist under Sharon’s tutelage and respects her tremendously.  She was not only Lizzie’s teacher but also a friend.  Lizzie misses Sharon tremendously as do I.  
     Sharon is an extremely talented flutist and a very dedicated teacher.  Any organization or individual will be fortunate to work with her.   I miss Sharon very much.  She was a very vital part of my daughter’s life.  Sharon is and will continue to be sorely missed.

Sincerely yours,



     Sharon Levin is a fantastic flute teacher. She taught me for two years, and during my lessons she was always helpful, nurturing, and extremely generous with her time. She helped me improve my technique and tone, but more importantly, she taught me how to play more musically. Her help extended beyond our lessons because she always encouraged me to call her with any questions I had, ranging from how to contact an accompanist to how to tackle a tricky fingering.
     Sharon also encouraged me to pursue incredible musical opportunities and was extremely helpful in preparing me for auditions. Her excellent preparation enabled me to play competitively in auditions for the Juilliard Pre-College program, the North Jersey Region and All-State Bands, the Governor’s School of New Jersey, Eastern Music Festival, Hartwick College Summer Music Festival, and New Jersey Youth Symphony. (I currently play in the New Jersey Youth Symphony and have been a member of the NJ Region Bands and the Hartwick College Music Festival).
     Through Sharon’s nurturing and support, I developed a real love of the flute that I’ll carry with me into college and my adult life.