Sharon Levin Flutist


Review Quotes

Sharon Levin - Flutist

Review Quotes



"She has something many leading solo flutists lack: an understanding of the architectural underpinnings of a piece and an ability to find its emotional hot spots."

                                                                        The Wall Street Journal


"Virtuosity and joie de vivre without equal."

                                                                        Le Republican Lorrain, France


"Levin surpassed brilliantly the virtuosic challenges."

                                                                        La Nacion, Costa Rica


"charming...marked by a keen sense of proportion and balance...a wonderfully mellifluous quality particularly due to the sweet tone of the flute.  The robust hearty tones of the flute...were awesome."

                                                                        The Star-Ledger, N.J.


"most persuasive...lovely."

                                                                        New York Times


"Solid technical ability and musical thoughts of Ms. Levin showed a thorough knowledge of the piece."  "...lyrical, warm, sensitive and expressive."

                                                                        The Hoboken Reporter, N.J.


"Sharon Levin projected a liquid legato line with each passage melting into the next."  "Levin exhibited intricate finger calisthenics, while at the same time displaying limitless fluency."

                                                                        The Hoboken Reporter, N.J.


"Levin played a very beautiful cadenza in a most accomplished manner.  ...The flute cadenza was once again brilliant.  ...Once more, the cadenza was most impressive, musically and technically."   

                                                                        Jewish News, N.J.


"...a smooth velvety sound...impressive."

                                                                        Welcomat, Philadelphia


"...intense emotion...dreamy atmosphere that only renowned artists could successfully create.  Without a doubt, this night will remain in the memory of many."

                                                                        Le Republican Lorrain, France


"One of the most delightful experiences of the Spring season. ...Sharon Levin's flute renditions kept the full house wanting to rise and dance."

                                                                        Brooklyn Record, N.Y.